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  • David Jovel wins the 2017 GEM Fellowship!

    Following in Prof. Walker’s footsteps, David Jovel wins the GEM Fellowship! GEM is a prestigious fellowship aimed at supporting underrepresented groups in STEM through their graduate program. One of David's personal objectives is to motivate and empower underrepresented youth in STEM. David’s focus is on the loss of performance efficiency due to heat generation in Hall Effect thrusters.

  • New Publication - Electrical Facility Effects on Faraday Probes

    HPEPL continues to investigate the electrical facility effects on the integrity of plasma measurements. Read more about this published article in our Publications section. 

  • Congratulations to Dr. Jason Frieman!

    The HPEPL family is proud to celebrate Jason Frieman's successful defense! Dr. Frieman's dissertation is on background neutral flow ingestion in which he develops a robust model that aids in modeling the true performance of HET's using the known dimensions of a test chamber. Dr. Frieman will continue to lead the EP community as an expert in Hall Effect thruster testing and characterization at NASA Glenn Research Center.

  • HPEPL hosts IEPC 2017
    HPEPL is hosting IEPC 2017

    HPEPL will be hosting this year's International Electric Propulsion Conference (IEPC) in Atlanta, Georgia. IEPC is the premier conference consolidating more than 500 scientists, engineers, designers, and operators involved with today's electric propulsion (EP) technology. This conference aims to connect leading researchers in academia and government laboratories with industry hardware developers and spacecraft operators in hopes of addressing current challenges in the field and paving the future of EP technology. This year's conference is taking place from October 8th -12th.

  • New Publication

    Lake Singh, Mitchell Walker, “A Review of Research in Low Earth Orbit Propellant Collection,” Progress in Aerospace Sciences, Volume 75, May 2015, Pages 15-25. Fulltext added to publications page.-